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Limited Edition

Most of our Arty collections are made in Limited edition and each piece is almost unique.
Even if all of our collections are not produced in big quantities, these are ceased in availability when they are over and we cannot make the same pieces again.
These products are offered to you with a Limited Edition tag.

The trompe l’oeil collection

The collection is the result of our collaboration with the well known Greek Artist Eirini Neofytou who specialises in illusive 3d painting.

It consists of handcrafted non toxic natural leather backpacks and handbags painted by hand with gold and silver pigments in a way to give the impression of lace, straw and quilt surface on leather. The products are high endurance and water resistant.
All bags are crafted by hand in small family workshops in Greece.

Nostalgia Collection

Nostalgia is a Greek word that means a feeling of pleasure and also slight sadness when you think about things that happened in the past…
We designed this collection to honor traditional Greek craftsmanship and tradition.

A refined “metamorphosis” of traditional Greek women head scarves printed with wooden blocks by hand by a skilled artisan in Athens.
A limited piece collection of scarves in different dimensions and large sarongs that are handprinted and then hand painted with gold, silver colors and sewn with gold and silver stitches on high quality 100% cotton Greek fabrics.

Motifs are taken from original Greek traditional women’s head scarves.

Available also on request and in exclusivity as we did for the Benaki Museum in Athens.