Collection: My Precious Lace

My Precious Lace collection honours old traditional lace making techniques much appreciated around the world since 1400, as seen often on collars and cuffs of the Royals and Aristocrats in Baroque and Rococo artworks.
This fine needlework is a very time consuming technique that needs high skills, patience and good eyesight!

Our experience in luxury knitwear design and our love for the elaborate, fine and delicate quality of lace, made us create this contemporary, stylish, sophisticated and feminine jewellery line.

The collection consists of small and large earrings, small and large bracelets, necklaces, chokers, rings and foot jewellery. All earrings can be adjusted for non pierced ears.

We constantly renew our collections in concept, design and colour. Our inspiration mainly comes from Art & Nature.

Each piece is totally hand-laced with the finest of silk and metallic threads and natural gemstones. The metallic parts are handcrafted in 18k.filled 925 silver in platinum gold, rose gold, yellow gold and solid gold.

My Precious Lace collection has been hosted in various art exhibitions and in museum shops internationally.

We happily create tailor made pieces for special occasions.